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Thermal imagers (Teplovisors)

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Are you building or renovating buildings? Do you service energy facilities? Doing an energy audit? Professional thermal imaging devices are equipment without which it is impossible to perform such work efficiently. If in the technical arsenal of your company there are no thermal imagers or outdated models do not cope with the tasks, Optictelecom will provide you with modern devices in the required quantity.

Thermal imagers in Almaty

In the online store "Optictelecom" there is equipment of the Extech and FLIR brands. The devices of these brands are considered the best in the thermal imaging technology market. Accurate, reliable, functional devices help large energy enterprises, construction holdings and small manufacturing companies:

Reduce energy loss;Prevent industrial accidents;Save money on expensive equipment repairs.From hundreds of models of thermal imagers that are on sale, for our range we select only devices with the optimal set of functions and cost for different types of tasks:

Construction (range - -30 - + 350 ° C). Devices for energy audit of buildings, detection of heat loss, points of leakage in the roof, leaks in pipelines, and other similar tasks;Industrial thermal imagers (range - above 350 ° C). Used for diagnostics of electrical, mechanical equipment, commercial systems, production units;High temperature (range - above 1000 ° C). Devices for monitoring technological processes associated with high temperatures. They are also used to control equipment, individual units of which, during operation, heat up to 1000 degrees or more.Choose the right instrument for the scale and specialization of your business and take full advantage of innovative thermal imaging cameras:

Improve the quality of construction and renovation work - identify and eliminate heat loss points before handover.Detect even slight overheating of units to prevent interruptions in the operation and power supply of energy facilities and industrial equipment.Expand the range of energy audit services and increase the number of clients with a professional thermal imaging camera. You can work with it on local objects and in the field.

Order thermal imagers of the appropriate level in the required quantity from Optictelecom and we will deliver them to the required region of Kazakhstan within 2-3 days.

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