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Cable clamps

Clamps for optical cables

The "Optictelecom" team will help you select and purchase cable clamps that are suitable for the tasks. The catalog offers reliable fasteners for fiber optic cables used in any telecommunications area. We work with trusted manufacturers and guarantee a stable, durable connection when using fasteners.

The clamps are selected based on the diameter of the fiber optic cable, the location of the supports and the distance between them, as well as the magnitude of the tensile forces. Products in the catalog are divided into four groups:

anchor or tension;supportive;spot;piercing.

Tension mounts

Anchoring clip for optical cable is used when rigid fixation is important. The fastening element is installed at the beginning and at the end of the track, as well as on the pivot supports. The design includes a body, stainless steel cable and non-dropping wedges. The casing is characterized by increased durability and resistance to UV rays.

Among the advantages of clamps are the following:

the ability to quickly lay a fiber-optic line;ease of use due to its compact size;reliable fixation;resistance to mechanical stress.

Supporting mounts

Support clamps are used when working with self-supporting cables, as well as type "8" models. They are placed on corner and intermediate support structures. Fasteners are needed to prevent fiber optic cables from sagging.

Die mountings

This is a type of support product. Used to connect open conductive cores, that is, bare cable conductors. The body is made of aluminum alloy, while the clamps are used to connect steel-aluminum or aluminum wires. In addition, they can be mounted in a pair with anchor clamps to fix the loop of wires on a pin-type insulator.

Piercing mounts

Products are used for fastening insulated wiring. They affect the trouble-free operation and stability of the power supply of the overhead power line.

The body is made of plastic, and an W-shaped contact plate is most often used for puncture. The atypical shape of the contact plate makes it possible to push apart rather than cut the insulation after installation. It also allows the strand wires to be compressed instead of cutting.

The piercing clips are easy to use - no soldering iron or solder required for mounting. During installation, it is not necessary to remove the insulation from the conductive cores, which significantly speeds up the work.

Find out the exact price of goods from the four listed categories from managers by phone or from consultants in the chat.

Clips (Clamps) in "Optictelecom"

The Optictelecom company is located in Almaty. Delivery of goods by courier is carried out in the city. Orders are delivered the next day after placing an order between 9:00 and 17:00. There are also points of issue of goods in Almaty, where you can pick up the goods yourself. Delivery to other cities of Kazakhstan is carried out by transport companies. You can order delivery to your door or to the nearest post office.

Online consultants of the site or phone managers are ready to select cable clamps for a specific task. Just write to the online chat or order a call back. The price of fasteners for optical cables depends on the type and characteristics.

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