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Power line cable

High voltage wires

The wires for power lines are suitable for laying power networks that transmit alternating voltages of 35 kV and above. The wires are certified and tested for compliance with GOST standards.

Wires for overhead power lines in Almaty

It is worth ordering cables in our online store for the following reasons:

For high-voltage wires, the price lies within the middle segment.Fast processing of applications and dispatch of orders.Customer support - assistance in choosing suitable cables, managers' answers to additional questions.Warranty for goods and availability of GOST certificates.Well-established logistics that allows deliveries on time.Regular catalog update.Transmission wires are tested under various operating conditions to ensure they meet their stated specifications.

The advantages of our products:

cables for overhead power lines can be used in all areas;resistance to high mechanical stress, temperature drops and precipitation;the products are suitable for laying in places with an increased risk of mechanical damage.Phone managers will help you choose the wiring for specific conditions of use. The price of a high-voltage cable varies depending on the characteristics.

Parameters affecting the price of power lines

The cost depends on the material of the conductor. It can be copper, silver-plated or tinned wire, or aluminum. Copper is highly conductive. As a result, the price of wires for power lines with copper core is higher.

The cost also varies depending on the type of core insulation. Polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, rubber and fluoroplastic are used as insulation. The most reliable material is PVC, which does not support combustion.

Additional protection is provided by armor made of metal materials - aluminum or galvanized steel wire, steel strips. Cables with additional armor are used in extreme operating conditions.

What is the product for?

The high-voltage cable is suitable for laying power networks and branches from them. Products are also needed to transfer energy from inductive or capacitive storage.

With the help of wiring, mobile and stationary mechanisms, electrophysical and X-ray equipment are connected. The cables are compatible with direct voltage up to 100 kV and alternating voltage up to 220 kV. Temperature range - from -60 to + 250 ° C. The exact temperature depends on the properties of the product. Specify the characteristics and conditions of use, as well as the current price list by phone.

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