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Renewable energy

Do you search for alternative energy source for home or business? Independent, efficient and environmental friendly? We can help you to choose right solution!

There are five types of these sources: solar, wind, geothermal, hydropower and biofuel. Our country has opportunities to use all above named sources. Optictelecom group of companies process supply and installation of renewable energy systems based on:

  1. sun – photovoltaic stations (so called "solar batteries");
  2. wind – wind generators (so called "wind turbines");
  3. earth – geothermal pupms (underground pipe circuits with special agent).


We are partners of world leading manufacturers of above named equipment: "Yingli Solar" (China), "Outback Power" (USA), "SMA" (Germany) and others.

We hold all necessary knowledge for designing and trained staff for installation of these systems.

We choose solutions for all applications – from private houses to industry facilities.

We strive to turn economics of Kazakhstan into "green" stage to meet tasks defined by our President and advanced world standards.


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