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Since 2003, the online store "Optictelecom" has been selling cable and wire products for laying energy and telecommunication networks. We will help you to purchase cables in Almaty from large and reliable manufacturers: Prysmian, ZTT, Inkab, SarKO. The goods are certified and meet the standards of GOST. The catalog contains cables for industrial and household groups. The first ones are bought for creating public networks, the second ones - for solving household tasks: setting up the Internet, connecting a telephone, etc.

Cable products in Almaty

Optictelecom is a licensed seller cooperating with the largest Kazakhstani telecom operators and industry organizations. The price for electric cable in Almaty is within the middle segment. We are also engaged in the installation of electrical communication systems.

Cooperating with the store, you get the following benefits:

Constantly updated catalog of goods.Issuance of a guarantee and compliance of goods with the provisions of GOST.Prompt response to customer requests - the manager will provide an up-to-date price list, answer clarifying questions and place an order.Minimal loss of time for delivery.Flexible payment terms.Experience in participating in auctions and tenders, which helps to establish an affordable price for an electric cable.We only work with trusted manufacturers to ensure our customers have long wiring life and performance requirements.

Cables sale

The team of the online store will help you buy the following types of cable in Almaty:

Optical communication cables for placement in sewer systems and in the ground.For pneumatic installation in protective pipes.For suspension on supports of overhead lines and local networks.Power cables.Optical cables in lightning protection wire and lightning protection cables separately.Self-supporting insulated wires.The listed product groups are far from the entire assortment of the store. Cables are conventionally divided into 4 categories in the catalog:

Products for the arrangement of communication lines.

For laying power lines.Optical cable built into the lightning protection wire.Electrician, including power and control products.Check the final cost with the managers. The price depends on the characteristics of the product, or rather on the raw materials used: copper or aluminum for the manufacture of conductive conductors, the type of insulation, screens, etc.

The difference in insulation and shell material of products

Cable products differ in price due to the insulation and sheath material used. The most popular insulating material is polyvinyl chloride or PVC. It is characterized by the following properties:

ease of use;high elasticity;dielectric properties;resistance to mechanical stress, moisture and acids.The second popular option is rubber insulation. The rubber is highly flexible and is suitable for places where a particularly flexible conductor is needed. The material interacts with temperatures up to + 65 ° C.

The most affordable option is paper insulation, with the predominant use of sulphate cellulose. Not suitable for difficult operating conditions.

According to the sheath material, you can buy a cable protected by the following coatings:

polyvinyl chloride;polyethylene;polyvinyl;hose rubber;an all-metal shell - preferably aluminum and its alloys.The shell is a structural element responsible for the safety and durability of the laid line. The material must be selected according to the conditions of use. If you are not sure that the selected product is suitable for your goals, consult the managers of the online store. The company "Optictelecom" is an assistant in the competent assembly of industrial enterprises, commercial and private residential buildings with cable products.

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