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To create strong connections on power and telecommunications networks, special couplings are used. The online store "Optictelecom" will help you buy a coupling to create a reliable, durable and resistant to mechanical wear connection. We sell variants of different shapes, materials and areas of use. Choosing a product for a specific task will not be a problem.

Couplings in Almaty

It is worth ordering couplings for connecting cables and pipes in the Optictelecom store for the following reasons:

Products from proven Russian, European and Asian manufacturers. Products are tested for compliance with the declared characteristics. All products are certified.Warranty for goods.Sending orders with delivery throughout Kazakhstan. The company's warehouse and office are located in Almaty. Delivery within the city takes 1 day. The duration of delivery outside of Almaty depends on the chosen transport service. The goods are dispatched the next day after the order is made.Affordable prices. For couplings, the price depends on the purpose and manufacturer. We work with brands directly, which helps to avoid high mark-ups on goods.If you cannot cope with the choice on your own, the site's online consultants will help you complete the purchase.

Advantages of connecting elements

Couplings allow you to assemble pipelines or cables for any purpose into a single system. Their advantages over other materials:

Creates a high-strength, 100% leak-tight connection.Formation of collapsible sections and nodes, if necessary. This will allow dismantling the units during repair or maintenance work. For dismantling, a wrench is used with which the connecting sleeve is separated from the pipeline.Use of the product as a transition piece that allows joining pipes of different diameters.Corrosion resistance of some models, due to which the products can be used for the installation of water supply systems.For each type of work and connection, manufacturers produce separate categories of products. That is, the products are adapted to fulfill certain tasks.

Catalog assortment

Our catalog contains the following product groups:

Couplings for connecting fiber optic cables. Used for installation, maintenance or repair of telecommunication networks.Power cable connections. The fittings help to create a single, protected and completely sealed enclosure.Pipeline connections. They are used to combine nodes and sections of protective pipelines.Products differ in material. In the "Optictelecom" store you will find a large selection of pipe and cable couplings. They are:

Lead - used to create cable systems with a voltage of 6-10 kW.Polyethylene - made of low pressure polyethylene. Needed to join plastic pipes by means of thermal welding.Online consultants or phone managers will help you choose the right connecting elements for the task at hand.

The prices indicated in the section are indicative. The exact prices are indicated in the price list.

Couplings for connecting cables and pipes in energy and telecommunications networks from well-known Russian, Chinese and European manufacturers: couplings for connecting fiber-optic cables of dead-end configuration for 6 and 10 inputs, as well as water sensors for such couplings; couplings for connecting power cables of dead-end and bushing configuration, for voltages up to 10,000 V, for paper, PVC and polyethylene insulation, for outdoor and indoor installation; couplings for protective polyethylene pipes of various diameters, collapsible and non-collapsible, as well as cable glands for sealing the ends. High quality and reliability of products, short delivery times, flexible payment terms, certification required by law.

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