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Cable suspension brackets

The company "Optictelecom" supplies fittings for laying fiber-optic lines and self-supporting insulated wires. This section of the catalog presents various types of cable suspension brackets. Here you can order all the necessary parts for the installation of electrical and fiber-optic networks on any type of support.

We offer parts with welded and cast construction, open and closed rings, in steel and aluminum alloy. All presented fittings are made by European manufacturers. The fittings comply with industry standards and have been tested for many years in fiber-optic and electrical networks, including the use of self-supporting insulated wire.

Our main suppliers are the French company Telenco, the Serbian plant Feman, and the Spanish manufacturer of fittings Saprem. The products of these companies are used in the largest electrical and telecommunication networks in Europe and Asia.

Bracket for FOCL and SIP in Almaty

You can order all the necessary types of cable brackets and elements for their fastening from us:

Bandages - clamps made of galvanized steel, to which tension and support clamps are attached. They are used at sites where multiple connections are planned and in the construction of structured cable networks. They are mounted on metal, concrete and wooden supports. There are several modifications of bands with different number of consoles.Consoles - anchor brackets for self-supporting insulated wire and fiber-optic cable. Modifications for fastening tension and supporting clamps to supports are on sale.Straight and oblique staples for fixing tension clamps.Stainless steel straps in various thicknesses and widths for attaching mounting brackets and support clamps to the posts. This is a universal type of fittings that is quickly assembled, has been in operation for decades, and has excellent anti-vandal protection. The tape is fixed with a tensioning machine.This tool can also be purchased from our store.

All presented products have high performance characteristics:

Fast installation;Long service life;Corrosion resistant.Using high-quality brackets for self-supporting insulated wire, fiber optic cable, you will speed up the installation of the network, prevent possible damage to the wire at the points of attachment to the supports.

Fittings for power transmission lines and fiber-optic lines in Kazakhstan

Our company offers brackets for power lines and fiber-optic lines at the lowest prices in Kazakhstan. We work directly with manufacturers, so the price of fittings does not include intermediaries' surcharges. In "Optictelecom" you can order the required number of parts and receive them on time.

We offer cash and non-cash forms of payment. We deliver goods to all regions of the country with a convenient carrier for you. Address delivery by courier is possible across Almaty. The cost of the service depends on the volume of the order. Our manager will tell you the exact price after confirming your application.

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