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FTTx testing

Testing of typical point-to-point network topology is very easy to perform. OTDR trace reading and power measuring is very simple here. But if you have a point-to-multipoint network with tree topology testing procedure becomes much harder. Especially if this tree has passive optical splitters in its nodes.

How to interpret an OTDR trace right? How to separate and events on it if they superposition with each other? How to define what is the fault and what is the customer premise end? The speed of FTTx networks constructing is very high in our country and questions above become more and more important every month for more and more technicians and providers.

Optictelecom knows answers for it! Because we have a big experience of construction of these networks and long term partnership with EXFO Inc., world leader of telecom testing market.

That is why our company is ready to help its customers and colleagues with:

  • advising your staff on theory of FTTx/PON testing,
  • installation and testing of your networks by our employees,
  • renting or supply of advanced testing and installation equipment,
  • efficient payments conditions, high quality and short lead time.


We use and sell the newest test platforms with OTDR modules for all size networks, the cheapest three wavelengths PON power meters, unique multitesters for all network parameters testing. Also we offer best in class fiber splicers, cleavers and tools.

Call to us – and problem of your FTTx network testing and maintenance will be solved.


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