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Sag and tension calculation

SAG10 is one of the world best software products for overhead power and telecom lines cables, ground wires and phase wires sag and tension calculation. Its operation based on nonlinear graphical method invented by ALCOA (American aluminum industry leader) at 1926 which analyze cable behavior during changing of temperature and climate conditions in different stages (initial, final, after 10 years creep). SAG10 has user friendly interface and quickly performs a calculation of sag and tension without multiple source data.

Key benefits:

  • support of all fiber optic cable types (OPGW, ADSS), ground and phase wire types;
  • build-in tables with climate conditions for different standards;
  • different thresholds (tension, RTS, sag);
  • distribution of tension between all line spans;
  • materials creep and thermal expansion analysis;
  • nonlinear functions of modulus of elasticity;
  • applying of not only elastic and temperature elongation but also plastic elongation;
  • clash and vibration calculation;
  • inclined span tension calculation (for lines in mountains);
  • wires and cable database.


Our employees are well skilled in this product and offer to our customer a service of maximally exact calculation of mechanical loads on designed line conductors and choosing of right materials for object life time prolongation.


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