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Thermal imagers for measuring body temperature


E75 infrared camera

Тепловизор уровня "эксперт" для проведения измерений в медицине, энергетике, строительстве и других отраслях

Manufacturer:"FLIR" (USA)

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Thermal imaging devices for measuring temperature

Any object with a temperature above zero is a radiation source. A thermal imager for measuring body temperature using a special sensor converts infrared radiation into gray. Further, the processing algorithms establish a relationship between the number of degrees and the detected level of gray radiation.

This allows the use of devices for screening the temperature of people, as well as for monitoring the quality of medicines, food, etc. It is important to keep in mind that a thermal imager is not a medical device.

What are the advantages of devices

The devices are universal. A thermal imager for measuring the temperature of the human body has the following advantages:

Compact size - it is a hand-held device that is lightweight; the operator can always keep it with him.Non-contact use - the temperature is determined at a distance of up to 1 meter, which makes the operator's work safe.High speed - the sensor processes the received information in 2-3 seconds. When using the device in crowded places, there will be no queues.Measurement accuracy - the error does not exceed 0.3 degrees.Ease of Use - The installed software is similar to that of a camcorder, with an intuitive interface.Record Keeping - Unlike pyrometers, which are used for the same purpose, thermal imagers are able to store the acquired data.The price of the model depends on the technical characteristics. To find out the exact cost, please contact the online consultants or managers of Optictelecom by phone.

Where devices are used

In places with high permeability, it is irrational to use thermometers or handheld pyrometers. The only suitable solution is a thermal imager: the body temperature is set by the device instantly. Thus, it is possible to avoid a large crowd of people in one place.

The devices are used for screening at the entrances of shopping centers, airports, train stations, universities, etc. Sensors are also purchased for medical and food applications.

Temperature control equipment in Kazakhstan

The Optictelecom team offers to buy a thermal imager for temperature measurement, approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Models of the FLIR brand are available in the catalog. We work directly with American suppliers, which eliminates a large margin on goods. Delivery of orders is available in all cities of Kazakhstan. Pickup or fast delivery by courier to the specified address is possible in Almaty. The equipment comes with a warranty.

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