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Fiber Optic (Optical Fiber) Welding Equipment

In the online store "Optictelecom" you will find the entire range of equipment and tools for the installation of fiber-optic cables: welding machines, consumables and accessories. We sell equipment for welding with fiber optic cable. Deliveries are carried out by proven brands - Fujikura, Haupa, etc. Our catalog contains only certified equipment.

Optical fiber welding accessories in Almaty

The company "Optictelecom" entered the market of Kazakhstan in 2003. The equipment and tools for the installation of fiber-optic cables on telecommunication networks offered in the catalog are supplied directly from the manufacturers. Cooperation with an online store offers the following advantages:

Sending goods with delivery across Almaty the next day after placing the order;only professional equipment - we work with reliable brands, check certificates and test the goods before shipping to the customer;warranty period for instruments - 2 years;warranty and post-warranty service of goods in the city of Almaty;affordable prices, thanks to direct cooperation with manufacturers;support of online consultants who will help you choose equipment and answer additional questions;training in working with devices, if necessary.Payment terms are flexible and are chosen by the customer: cash or bank transfer. We cooperate with large transport companies, which allows us to send orders throughout Kazakhstan.

In "Optictelecom" you can buy everything for fiber optic welding:

Fiber optic fusion splicers. These are automatic devices with the help of which it is possible to minimize the participation of the master in welding. This avoids human error. The online store has devices for working with multimode and singlemode optical cable.Auxiliary tools for installing fiber optic cables. This group of products includes fiber optic cleavers and strippers for stripping cables or stripping the insulation layer from the ends of wires.Electrodes. This is the most important consumable. Check electrode life and welding machine compatibility before purchasing. We recommend replacing the electrodes at a service center.Accessories and consumables. A category with 6 product subgroups. This includes cords, power supplies and batteries for devices, blades, fiber holders, and thermowells. We recommend purchasing the necessary accessories for the installation of fiber-optic cables with a stock.

Advantages of equipment and accessories catalog

We cooperate with well-known global brands with extensive experience in the manufacture of goods. We choose fusion splicers from such companies for the following reasons:

Equipping devices with high-power lithium-ion batteries. Instrument batteries do not require frequent replacement. Depending on the model, the devices can withstand up to 200 welding-heat shrinking cycles on one battery charge.

Protect the device body and tools from dust, shock and moisture. This allows you to work in all weather conditions.

The resource of each electrode is about three thousand welds.

Software for devices with an updated Russian-language interface.

Optical fiber splicer inventory adapts to the equipment itself. As a result, customers receive "pairs" with which it is easy and effective to work. By the way, the most popular series of devices is 86S. With its help, cable connection takes up to 7 seconds, and thermal shrinkage - up to 13 seconds.

Contact online consultants to find the device and accessories suitable for the task.

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