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NQMSfiber optical fibers monitoring

Monitoring NQMSfiber optical fibers monitoring от Оптиктелеком
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NQMSfiber network quality monitoring system is a remote fiber test system (RFTS) which keeps you aware of its status, detects degradations, immediately informs you about faults. System includes central server, FG-750 remote test units deployed at key locations across the network, other devices (OTAU optical test access units, TAMK test access module kits, filters etc.) and specialized softwere (GIS etc.).


Key features

  • 24/7 detection, location and tracking of fi ber degradations
  • Secured centralized client-server solution
  • Comprehensive monitoring and reporting capabilities
  • Lit or dark fi ber fault and system alerts
  • Turn-key fault-on-map solution with inventory andGIS (OSPInsight)
  • Plug-ins for out-of-the-box GIS two-way integration
  • One-click automatic provisioning capabilities
  • Web-based element management system (EMS) and remote testunit (RTU)
  • Unique RFTS test method for reference data management


Technical parameters




Server platform

Windows server OS or Linux CentOS
Intel Xeon processor (1 or 2)

Application software

Web server
5 or 20 simultaneous connection licensing
Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer access

Database server

Embedded Oracle 11g Standard edition


Additional user connections
SNMP v2.0 alerting interface (MIB)
Oracle Enterprise edition for system restoration (DR option)
Mobile access for registered EMS users
GSM modem for SMS alerting

OSPInsight GIS

OSPM—EDIT software license based on MapInfo or ESRI
OSPM—VIEW software license
Desktop computer (optional)

Integration of third-party GIS

Plugins based on web services protocol


Silver: software warranty, 8/5 help-desk, EMS/RTU updates, subscription per request
Gold: software warranty, 24/7 help-desk, EMS/RTU updates, repair of hardware, autosubscription


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