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Cable fittings

The construction of fiber-optic lines is impossible without the use of fittings for fiber-optic communication lines and self-supporting insulated wires. These elements are required for hanging and securing the cable. The efficiency and durability of the network depends on their reliability. Our company sells power line fittings of European manufacturers, which are used in the construction of fiber-optic networks by the largest companies in the industry.

Optical network fittings

Our catalog contains the details necessary for laying cables by ground and underground, as well as for indoor installation:

Brackets;Clamps;Connectors;Insulators.All types of cable fittings are represented by a wide range of models. In particular, in the section "Brackets" for ordering are available:

Bandages;Consoles;Staples;Mounting tapes.Among the presented models are metal and duralumin parts with cast and welded construction. All products have been tested for resistance to increased loads and all kinds of mechanical stress.

The choice of fittings for suspending fiber-optic cables is no less wide. Clamps of the following types are presented on the site:

Stretched;Supportive;Dice;Piercing.Optical cable hangers are made of stainless steel or corrosion resistant, durable aluminum alloy. The clamps are capable of withstanding ultra-high loads and are suitable for operation in any climatic conditions, respectively, for cable suspension in Almaty.

In the sections "Connectors" and "Insulators" you can order various types of sleeves for connecting cables, ferrules and elements to protect the resonators of the transmitters from reflected signals. The catalog also contains all the tools necessary for the installation of systems: wire and cable clamps, hydraulic presses, press heads, tools for tape, cable straps and other installation accessories.

SIP fittings in Almaty

The products presented in this part of our catalog are suitable not only for organizing optical networks. The fittings are also designed for laying power lines using a self-supporting insulated wire (SIP). In the production of parts, technical and operational features of optical and electrical cables are taken into account All elements meet the basic requirements and have:

high mechanical strength;increased resistance to corrosion;resistance to external factors;long service life.All presented types of fittings are available to order. Most of the presented assortment in sufficient quantities is always available in our warehouse. We supply some models of cable hangers on request. Our company cooperates only with manufacturers who have a good reputation in the market. We use these parts in our projects and can recommend them to you, because we are confident in quality and reliability.

You can buy fittings with delivery across Almaty and Kazakhstan. You can find out more about the terms of delivery and payment in the corresponding section of our website or by calling the manager by phone.

The prices indicated in the section are indicative. The exact prices are indicated in the price list.

Armature for suspension of cables, wires and cables on power and telecommunications networks from well-known brands Saprem, Sarmat, Feman and others: tension and support clamps (both spiral and bolted), ram and piercing clamps, insulator strings , vibration dampers, fixing elements (brackets and clamps), connecting elements (crimping sleeves and ferrules), rolling rollers, fastening tape, staples and turnbuckles, assembly tools. High quality and reliability of products, short delivery times, flexible payment terms, certification required by law.

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