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FTBx series modules on FTB-1v2 platforms

Optictelecom has already informed you that FTBx series modules dedicated for FTB-2, FTB-2 Pro and FTB-4 Pro test platforms now can be installed in FTB-1v2 and FTB-1v2 Pro platforms as well.

For it you just need to have FTB-1v2/Pro platform with special single or dual carrier. Please see below the table with compatibility of different modules with such carriers.


Single carrier

Dual carrier

High power
dual carrier

FTBx-720C (OTDR)

yes yes yes

FTBx-730C (OTDR) 

 yes  yes yes

FTBx-735C (OTDR) 

yes yes yes

FTBx-740C (OTDR) 

yes yes yes

FTBx-750C (OTDR) 

уes yes yes

FTBx-940/945 (OLTS) 

yes yes yes

FTBx-5235 (OSA)

  yes yes

FTBx-8870 (10G T&D)

 yes  yes yes

FTBx-8880 (10G T&D)

yes yes  yes

FTBx-88200NGE (100G T&D)

  yes yes

FTBx-88260 (100G T&D)

  yes yes



  1. high power dual carrier and FTBx-8870/8880/88260/88200NGE modules compatible only with FTB-1v2 Pro platform;
  2. dual carrier includes 90 W power supply unit and one battery, high power dual carrier includes 200 W power supply unit and two batteries;
  3. already delivered FTB-1v2/Pro platforms can't be equipped with carriers, only newly ordered/ordering platforms can;
  4. FTB-1v2/Pro platform equipped by carrier doesn't support standard FTB series module-backs any more.