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EX1 new Wi-Fi feature

EXFO EX1 combined with your iOS/Android device is one-of-a-kind Ethernet analyzer for testing of broadband connections and monitoring of QoE of private and business customers. Pocket-sized EX1 allows service providers to check full rates of Gigabit Ethernet and Wi-Fi in subscribers lines. EX1 has three advantages: FPGA hardware, dedicated Wi-Fi chipset, best in the world Speedtest on Ookla algorithm, providing durable results in each test.

Ethernet rate and delay testing can be performed by both electrical (RJ-45) and wireless (Wi-Fi 802.11ac/a/b/g/n) interfaces, which makes EX1 ideal for Ethernet birth certificate issuing on commissioning stage. Likewise technician can easily analyze Wi-Fi channels map (2,4/5 GHz) and define the best location of access point in subscriber premises. Therefore EX1 is instrument necessary for troubleshooting which prooves by using it's unique graps and parameters available through Wi-Fi channels map function.

EX1 doesn't require own display, control and management performs through user-friendly application on iOS or Android device. All necessary tasks performs through this application: connection, set up, report generating, SW update through cloud.

New function of EX1 is full Wi-Fi testing:

  • Speedtest from Ookla through Wi-FI
  • 802.11ac/a/b/g/n support
  • Wi-Fi channels stats analysis offers unique intuitive graphical vizualization of all channels
  • Channel stats: filtering by signal quality (excellent, good, bad)
  • Channel stats: filtering by channel numbers (all, 36-64, 100-144, 149-165)
  • Channel stats: information about BSSID, manufacturer, channel number, frequency and RSSI
  • Channel stats: access points selection and reset for deep troubleshooting
  • 2,4 and 5 GHz ranges support
  • Support of independent thresholds for electrical and wireless interfaces
  • Exetended section of comments and birth certificates
  • Enhanced selfdiagnostics system


EX1 analyzer with Wi-Fi function available for ordering since April, 9, 2018. Product specsheet is here.