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FTB-2 modules now compatible with FTB-1

EXFO brings FTBx module support on the FTB-1v2 and FTB-1v2 pro platforms. This is made possibleby the introduction of a new Dual Carrier hardware configuration that can be selected for FTB-1v2 and FTB-1v2 Pro platforms. This new configuration will enable the support of single or dual slot FTBx modules in the form factor of the FTB-1v2/Pro platform.

The Dual Carrier (DC) is a hardware configuration and must be selected when ordering the FTB-1v2or FTB-1v2 Pro platform. The default hardware configuration of the FTB-1v2/Pro platform only supports the current single or double back FTB modules e.g. FTB-730Gv2, FTB-880, FTB-720C,FTB-940). FTB-1v2 or FTB-1v2 Pro platforms ordered with the Dual Carrier configuration only support FTBx modules, they are not compatible with the single or double back FTB.

With the first release, the FTB-1v2/Pro platforms with the Dual Carrier configuration will support the following FTBx modules:

  • FTB-1v2: FTBx-720C, FTBx-730C, FTBx-735C, FTBx-740C, FTBx-750C,
  • FTB-1v2-PRO: FTBx-720C, FTBx-730C, FTBx-735C, FTBx-740C, FTBx-750C, FTBx-8880, FTBx-8870, FTBx-88200NGE(Only a single FTBx-88200NGE test module can be used and must be installed in the back slot of the DualCarrier. It can be combined with any of the other listed FTBx modules, but cannot be operated at the same time.)


Can a customer upgrade his units? The short answer is No. The long answer is still No. It needs to be understood that the upgrade of existing FTB-1v2/Pro testkits requires some modifications on the platform part to support the installation and use of the DualCarrier; this means that only EXFO service and engineering teams can perform this type of work. 

Orders already in SAP? Platforms will be delivered with the default configuration as per the original order. Delivery dates remain unchanged. If a customer wants to receive the platform with the Dual Carrier configuration, then a change order will be required.

Product Availability? The Dual Carrier configuration will be available for selection when ordering new FTB-1v2/Pro platforms as of May 15, 2018. Customer ordered general availability (GA) units will start shipping early July 2018.

Please contact our sales staff for additional information.