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RF spectrum analyzis over CPRI

Using of fiber optic cables for connecting of cellular base-band units (BBU) with far-end remote radio heads (RRHs) gives opportunity to place BBU far away from RRH and to install RRHs on hard-to-reach locations, such as tower tops or rooftops. Because of it now it is hard for field technicians to perform RF measurements on these RRHs. Is it possible to make this procedure easier and decrease operational expenses?


Yes, this possibilty is in new OpticalRF application supported on FTB-1 test platforms, supplied by our partner, "EXFO Inc." (Canada)ю This product gives opportunity to perform RF analyzis through digital CPRI link available at the bottom of tower or at remote BBU site. Еры excludes any climbing to roof or tower and decrease time for road and testing.

Key benefits

  • Industry's most powerfull real-time RF spectrum analyzis over CPRI.
  • Integrated into all FTB-700G v2 modules which also include Ethernet services analyzis, connector endface inspection, CPRI link validation and other instruments.
  • Supported on FTB-870v2, FTB-880v2, FTB-870Q, FTB-880Q и FTB-890NGE modules.
  • Easy-to-use solution for uickly identify issues such as external RF interference, internal and external PIM.
  • Allows multiple users to connect from any smart device or laptop.
  • Supports CPRI levels 2-7 (1,2-9,8 Gbit/s), hardware ready for CPRI level 9 (12,1 Gbit/s).
  • Uses digitalized RF signal.
  • Support all types of networks: LTE, W-CDMA, CDMA, UMTS.


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